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Heart Disease is Preventable

Did you know that 70% of heart attack victims are considered ‘low-risk’ by traditional measures?  Our mission is to make sure you’re not one of them. Through advanced testing, early detection and cutting-edge treatment, you can become a success story instead of a statistic.

  • Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention
  • Stress Analysis and Management
  • Family History and Genetics Assessment
  • Regenerative Treatments and Optimal Recovery
  • Hormone Assessment and Supplementation
  • Cancer Prevention and Recovery

three Treatment strategies for a long life

Your Destination for Disease Prevention

It starts with the heart. The same inflammation and oxidation that cause heart disease also lead to cancer, dementia, and other diseases of aging. Our approach identifies the underlying causes of these diseases and attacks them at their source, to stop progression in its tracks.

Whether you’ve had a cardiovascular event, are worried about troubling family history, or just want to stay ahead of any potential problems, Boone Heart Institute is your destination for heart disease prevention.

Real Face Time With Your Doctor

At Boone Heart Institute, we pride ourselves on the time we take with our patients.
We are people people and we can’t wait to know you.
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"My first visit was an illustration of what medical care today should look like."