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Yazid Fadl, MD



Dr. Fadl is board certified in cardiology, echocardiography and nuclear cardiology. He also has advanced training in preventive cardiology, cardiac imaging, resistant hypertension, and complex lipidology.
Early in his career practicing as a board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Fadl was dismayed by the lack of emphasis on disease prevention in patient care. He decided to pursue a Masters degree in Public Health, while completing a Fellowship in Preventive Cardiology at the University of Rochester, New York. During that time he authored and co-authored pivotal articles with some of the top cardiologists worldwide and gave presentations domestically and abroad. As stimulating as the world of academic cardiology was, he discovered his true passion resided in direct patient care. Therefore, he completed a general cardiology fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with focuses on advanced cardiac imaging, congenital cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, and advanced lipidology.

For the next 17 years, Dr. Fadl spearheaded the cardiology outreach program at IU Health in Indianapolis, Indiana, and built a successful general cardiology practice.  He held the academic position of Associate Professorship position and served as the Medical Director of Noninvasive Cardiology Testing.  In spite of the gratification this experience afforded him, he often could not help lamenting about the greater impact he could have made in the lives of his patients had he been able to fully utilize his expertise in disease prevention. This is what attracted him to Boone Heart Institute, where he has the opportunity to not only stop, but also reverse the development of disease through vigilant prevention. This is a passion shared by all the providers on the Boone Heart team.

Dr. Fadl and his wife are foodies of a sort and enjoy traveling, whether across town or across the globe, to experience different cultures, arts, music, and most importantly, people.  They love the outdoors and chose Colorado to be their home not only because of its natural beauty, but also its diversity, open-mindedness and healthy lifestyle.  They are proud to call themselves Coloradans.

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"I’ve been to many doctors over the years and have never felt like I was their priority. Typically you have an appointment but have to still wait forever to see the doctor and then you are rushed thru the process. In Dr Boone’s office you are their top priority."

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