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Keeping the Whole Team Tip Top

As a part of our mission to eradicate heart disease and stroke, the Boone Heart Institute has developed a number of programs designed to bring our cutting-edge testing outside the walls of our home clinic.  From first responders to professional athletes to high school kids, we believe that our approach to heart disease can be beneficial--and cost effective--for all.

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Our BraveHeart Program is dedicated to eradicating heart disease and stroke in firefighters. BraveHeart is a mobile, on-site screening program that can evalute up to 50 individuals per day for cardiovacsular risk. We can find high-risk firefighters and treat them, so they can continue saving lives and protecting our communities.


In the high-intensity world of pro sports, people are each franchise’s greatest asset.  Our ProHeart Program is designed to evaluate the high-performance physiology of professional athletes, coaches, and decision makers, to keep them in tip top shape, both mentally and physically. Protect your team with ProHeart.  Our ProHeart Team has worked with the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Pirates, the NFL Alumni Association, and more.

EveryHeart - Corporate Screenings

We developed EveryHeart Screening to bring our cutting-edge preventive cardiology techniques to the masses, using our most cost-effective, predictive tests. While preventing a single employee heart attack will pay for the program twice over, the added benefits of EveryHeart testing include increases in quality of life, reduced absenteeism, and improved overall productivity. A healthy company is a happy company.

EveryHeart Foundation

A non-profit charity dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular events in high school athletes and other young people. Our aim is to ensure that young people are able to safely pursue their athletic dreams.  Free heart testing for our next generation. »

Guardian Angel

Over our decade and a half in practice, the Boone Heart Institute has cultivated a network of physician and health care organizations dedicated to prevention, longevity and global health. We call this our Guardian Angel program. Our patients trust us with their health, and we are dedicated to connecting them with the absolute best.


It's Time to Know Your Heart